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As the UK's leading bird control specialist we provide years of experience offering the widest range of bird control services and techniques to tackle any bird problem. Our bird control services provide:

  • Expert, knowledgeable and qualified bird control specialists
  • Free and comprehensive site surveys
  • Advice on legislation – Protected species, egg and nest removal
  • Falconry response bird control
  • Tailored and cost effective bird control and bird proofing solutions
  • A guano cleaning service
  • A 2 year guarantee on all bird proofing we install

Typical bird control problems we encounter:
The main species that create bird control problems are gulls and pigeons which are frequently found in urban areas. These species and other species cause problems by:

  • Bird fouling – deposits on buildings, cars, stock or materials
  • Aggressive behaviour – during the nesting season (Mar - Sept)
  • Nesting in or on buildings – clogging drains, flues encouraging insect infestation
  • Spreading disease – bird guano carries fungal and bacterial disease
  • Creating noise –calling of breeding gulls or the cooing pigeons
  • Ground Nesting – development delays on greenfield or brownfield sites

Other problem bird species that affect businesses and organisations are Canada Geese, Starlings and Corvids (Crows, Rooks, Ravens, Jackdaws) which create health and safety issues, depositing bird mess and creating destruction wherever they go.

What should you do if you have a Bird Control Problem?
If you have a bird control problem the first step to is to call us. We have over 18 years' experience at the forefront of bird control and have worked on every type of bird control problem on industrial sites, listed buildings, office blocks, shopping centres, airfields, farms, ports – we’ve even removed birds from the interior of several well know high street stores!

Bird control and bird scaring measures we employ are:

  • Bird Control using traditional proofing techniques such as netting, bird wire and bird spiking
  • Bird Control using innovative proofing techniques – electric or gel deterrents (ideal for listed buildings)
  • Bird scaring using falconry response – we have the UK’s most experienced falconry response teams
  • Humane bird trapping & egg or nest removal

Freephone the national helpline on or find your local branch to arrange a FREE site survey with one of our specialist bird control technicians.


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