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If you are unable to find what you need on our website you can talk directly to your local bird or pest control expert.

To contact us or to book an appointment you can email or to speak directly to your local area manager for a quote, advice or recommendations - call .

Our local area managers are highly experienced, BPCA qualified, professional and reliable. All of our staff carry ID so you know who you are talking to and that they are from NBC Bird & Pest Solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does NBC provide a free survey?

A free survey is given in both commercial and domestic entities. Depending on the infestation, small problems can be successfully identified and the solution diagnosed by a telephone call. However some major pest infestations have a more intense survey to carefully analyse the root of the problem in order to find an appropriate and cost effective treatment. So, however in depth your survey might be, this process is completely free.

Does NBC come out to my house?

This might seem like a silly question, but it is one we get asked regularly at NBC Bird & Pest Solutions. Where ever the pest problem might be, one of our fully trained technicians will come out to solve it. We have a national coverage and boast a local response. So what ever your location with our local and national knowledge we will find you.

Does NBC provide fox control?

Foxes cause many problems in both urban and domestic environments, they can dig dens into the foundations of houses, foul and urinate in gardens and attack refuse bins.
We use a variety of fox control techniques from fox proofing to fox deterrents that successfully get rid of your fox problem. To find out more about fox control, visit our wildlife management page.

Does NBC work in urban and country environments?

We provide a nationwide coverage of pest control and bird control, and we are employed by councils to clean up and eradicate pest problems in city centres, and also employed by farmers to manage wildlife that could potentially harm stock.

Does NBC provide a pest control services against bats?

No, there is a UK law protecting bats that is considerably stricter than it is for most other animals. All bat species are protected under schedule 5 of the Wildlife & Countryside Act 1981. All bats are also included in Schedule 2 of the Conservation (Natural Habitats) Regulations 1994, which defines "European protected species of animals". Taken together the Act and Regulations make it illegal to:

  • Intentionally or deliberately kill, injure or capture (take) bats;
  • Deliberately disturb bats (whether in a roost or not);
  • damage, destroy or obstruct access to bat roosts
  • possess or transport a bat or any part of a bat, unless acquired legally;
  • sell, barter or exchange bats, or parts of bats.

So at NBC we can't help you with your bat problem, but you must by law consult Statutory Nature Conservation Organisation (SNCO) such as the Natural England or the another relevant body.

Which birds are protected against bird control?

All birds, their nests and eggs are protected by law and it is thus an offence, with certain exceptions to intentionally kill, injure or take any wild bird, or damage the nest. At NBC we treat the exceptions that are Crows, Collard Dove, Canada Geese, Greater Black- backed Gulls, Herring Gulls, Jackdaws, Jays, Magpies, Feral Pigeons, Rooks, House Sparrows, Starlings and Wood Pigeons.

Ground nesting birds such as Skylarks and Lapwings are protected under the Wildlife and Countryside Act, the act states that these birds can not be disturbed during their nesting period which is between March to July. So at NBC we provide bird scaring techniques at their nesting sites before the nesting season begins to ensure that they don't settle. To find out what birds are protected please see the RSPB website for more details.

How does the 'natural choice' work and what does it do?

The natural choice is a slogan we use to show our support for the Think Wildlife Campaign (CRRU), therefore we ensure that your pest problem is eradicated swiftly and effectively and our operations will not have an adverse effect on the surrounding wildlife.

The natural choice doesn't mean that we don't use chemicals it means that we are responsible for the amounts of baits we use, so that they eradicate the rodent problem, but not enough to create secondary poisoning to other wildlife.

The reason we take on this 'natural choice' approach is because of our links with Birds of Prey and that we want to prevent any harmful effects that futile rodent control can cause in predatory birds, as well as animals and mammals.

How can I make payment?

You can pay with credit card, debit card and cheque.

How does my enquiry work?

All calls are dealt with at head office, then passed on to a local area manager, where they will call you back free of charge to discuss the problem and advise the appropriate steps to take.

How does falconry response work?

We use specially bred and trained hawks and falcons, handled by experienced bird controllers, to deter and disperse nuisance bird populations. It is not necessary for these natural predators to actually catch and kill their prey, but it is necessary to understand which predator is the most effective deterrent for each nuisance species - and here, size isn't everything! Smaller birds, for example, will be more alarmed by the smaller and more agile male hawk than by the larger female.

How much does it cost?

This depends on the scale of the problem. However, our clients find our services very cost effective especially when offset against saving the cost of the damage to buildings / property and in terms of health and safety. Many of our clients benefit further from the positive PR from using nature to control nature.

What are the implications of a bird problem?

Bird droppings are unsightly, unsanitary and corrosive, can cause damage to car paintwork and can erode masonry. They have the potential to make walkways slippery, causing a health and safety hazard, and there is also potential spread of disease carried by some birds, such as E. coli and salmonella.

Nests can block gutters and downpipes, and potentially damage plant on rooftops, such as air conditioning units, by forming blockages.

Why do birds behave in the way they do?

Nesting gulls in particular can become very territorial and highly aggressive to people in the vicinity of their nesting areas.

Flocking together is a natural feature of bird behaviour. Nesting birds will return year after year to the same site for breeding and so will their young!

I've got a building that could be difficult to access - how would you go about it?

Naturally, the areas of a building vulnerable to nesting and roosting birds are often difficult to reach. We use specially trained rope-access teams, which can reach inaccessible areas avoiding the use of scaffolding.

Our rope access teams are specialists in all aspects of bird control, and understand perfectly what is needed to exclude birds completely and permanently.

We offer a complete bird-proofing service, with a range of techniques to keep potential problems at bay. Ledges and sills, for example, can be protected with spikes and wires which prevent birds landing without harming them. Larger areas, even complete and complex roofs, can be proofed to completely exclude birds.

What methods do you use to scare birds?

In addition to falconry response, NBC Bird & Pest Solutions offers a wide range of devices to scare birds into flight by sound and visual stimuli. For agricultural purposes and landfill sites, there are gas guns and rope bangers which both produce a loud explosion at fixed intervals, plus rockets and cartridges for deterrent effect in the air. In addition, distress callers can broadcast the digitally recorded warning calls of six different species of scavenging birds.

Trained and experienced NBC Bird & Pest Solutions operatives will always assess your particular problem before recommending a programme, which may involve several different means of control.

What damage can rats do if left alone?

Rats are transmitters of Weils Disease which is carried in their urine and enters the human body through cuts and abrasions. The disease, with its flu-like symptoms, if not recognised and quickly treated, can prove to be fatal.

Food Damage - Farmers in particular, when working within the Assured Food Scheme, must be extremely vigilant in controlling rats in and around farm buildings and food storage areas.

Structural Damage - Rats are inveterately inquisitive and will gnaw electrical installations, roof insulation, woodwork, plastics etc thus causing potential fire risks and additional maintenance costs.

How do you get rid of rats?

We operate high standards of service using experienced technicians with industry qualifications.

We offer a pest control service which includes regular monitoring of the site, reporting of findings and installation and maintenance of bait stations to deal with infestations before they arise. We believe in prevention ahead of cure.

How do you get rid of unwanted insects?

Flies and other flying insects are naturally found at farms, poultry units, landfill sites, sewage processing works etc. With their ability to reproduce at an extraordinary rate, a small problem can rapidly become a huge one, with both nuisance value and environmental health implications.

Other insects, if not controlled, can severely damage crops leading to reduced profits.

Wherever an insect infestation arises over a large outdoor area, it is inefficient to treat the problem by hand. We have a unique delivery system of spray equipment mounted on quad bikes, allowing access to areas where even a tractor would have difficulty.

For indoor applications such as factories, warehouses, poultry units and transfer stations, we offer a range of effective control techniques with the emphasis on safety.

For example, we can space-spray large areas with safe products for immediate effect, and apply residual products to maintain control.


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