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Not the early bird you want to wake up to starlings are often considered a pest due to the problems they cause getting into roof spaces and to gardeners hard work in the summer months.

A starlings' main food source is grubs, grain or seeds and they will happily select the best seeds from the choicest fruit you have cultivated or the shoots your are nurturing to full growth. This causes damage to the plants and fruit and reduces your crop yield and also your lawn when they turn it over looking for grubs or worms.

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Starlings' droppings also cause problems especially if in your roof space or when they gather in large flocks and roost in trees. The droppings can carry a fungal respiratory disease that grows in the soil beneath the tree they roost in potentially passing it onto you or your family.

There are many ways to deter and prevent starlings affecting your garden and home. Our local bird control experts will offer advice and solutions to prevent your bird problem affecting you or your family.


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