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We all like to go to the seaside but we don’t like to sea-gulls coming to our home!

Seagulls have adapted well to urban environments on the UK coastline and also inland - scavenging our waste as a food source and sometimes even taking the food we are holding!

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The main two species in the UK are the black backed and the herring gull, seen mainly in coastal areas. These gulls not only affect businesses but increasingly residents too, as their behaviour has changed resulting in more gulls nesting on buildings, balconies and in gutters.

Gulls can create problems by making a great deal of noise and because they are very territorial, this can result in aggressive behaviour towards you and your family - particularly during the breeding season if they're nesting on, or near your home.

You needn't suffer though as our team of gull control experts offer a free survey of your bird problem and will make recommendations to ensure that your home and family are unaffected by gull problems.


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