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You might not like to live on a building site but they make the perfect home for pests! And unfortunately, when pests arrive, so do problems. Rodents will cause damage to building foundations as well as spreading disease wherever they go. Rats or mice seen scurrying around can also give a bad impression or cause distress to anyone working on or visiting the site.

If Brownfield sites (abandoned or underused industrial and commercial facilities available for re-use) become home to pests it increases the amount of time and resources needed to make them ready for use again.

Protect your site with a visit from our professional pest control team who will ensure it’s kept pest free by monitoring rodent activity and responding with any necessary treatments.

Prevent pest damage to your site and machinery with our Regular Service Agreements

It’s not just furry creatures that pose a threat – feathered ‘friends’ like nuisance pigeons and gulls can also become a problem on building sites. Bird droppings (or guano) are highly acidic and, as such, are extremely corrosive to the types of building materials used to create foundations and roofing. The presence of nesting materials also attracts biting insects which can cause a great deal of unpleasantness for anyone on the site.

Our highly skilled bird proofing experts offer a free site survey and can help ensure no pests move in before you move on!

Whatever the nature or size of your site, we’re expert at keeping it pest – and problem – free.

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