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Bird Proofing

With our bird proofing solutions you can be assured you’ll never get in a flap over bird problems and you have taken the most effective steps towards preventing birds from inhabiting and damaging your building. Bird proofing offers a long-term solution and when installed correctly, is 100% effective.

We offer a 2 year guarantee on all bird proofing we install. If nuisance birds, such as pigeons, gulls, sparrows and starlings are left unchecked they can continue to create mess and damage which will require cleaning and repair time and time again.

Bird Proofing Systems

Just as bird species and habits vary, so do the solutions to ridding your site of the problem. A variety of systems are available and each has its own particular benefits.

Each bird proofing system is species-specific as we understand exactly how the birds will react to the installation and anticipate likely behaviours. Birds use different areas of a building for different purposes – from resting to roosting and nesting. This is termed ‘bird pressure’ and the level of pressure is a key factor in selecting the right bird proofing solution:

  • Light pressure – easy to bird proof and will allow the use of almost any system.
  • Medium pressure – potential problems mean that some bird proofing products will be ineffective so we use our expert knowledge to select and install the ideal bird proofing system.
  • Heavy pressure – in less capable hands, there’s a high likelihood of failure unless the correct bird proofing system is properly installed.

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