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Pigeons, Gulls, Starlings or other problem bird species can be a nuisance to staff and customers affecting business custom and productivity. With over 18 years experience we are market leaders and the specialists in bird control and bird proofing techniques. We help save businesses and organisations significant time and cost through our bird scaring bird proofing solutions in UK.

Common bird problems we solve are;

  • Defacement of buildings and vehicles by guano from nesting or roosting birds
  • Excessive noise disruption to offices or restaurants (especially March to September, bird nesting season)
  • Crop or stock damage from roosting birds
  • Bird fouling on pavements, cars or rooftop plant machinery resulting in a health & safety risk
  • Litter spreading or aggressive behaviour such as attacking customers
  • Loss of construction time due to ground nesting on greenfield or brownfield sites
  • Trapped birds in warehouses or factories – even some supermarkets!

What Should You Do about Your Bird Problem?

Time is of the essence as many bird problems can be prevented by early action allowing bird proofing to be installed saving significant time, cost and loss of potential revenue.

Nuisance birds affect businesses in different ways so the first thing we recommend is that you arrange a free site survey with us to determine the right solution. Each of our branches has a team of knowledgeable bird control experts to provide comprehensive surveys and recommendations.

We offer a broad range of solutions available for bird scaring, bird proofing and bird deterrents. Choosing the right solution or combination of solutions - we might have to clear your site of the bird problem and sanitise heavily fouled areas first – is essential to ensure you remain unaffected in the future.

Freephone the national helpline on or find your local branch to arrange a FREE site survey with one of our specialist bird control technicians.

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