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Canada Geese

Causing few problems in their natural habitat, Canada geese become opportunistic feeders eating anything from grass to grain and cereal, creating bird problems and conflict with landowners, businesses, councils and schools. The Canada goose is notoriously difficult to deal with due to their adaptability and their unwillingness to stray from their nest area.

Our Canada geese bird control services offer:

  • Expert, knowledgeable and qualified bird control specialists
  • Free and comprehensive site surveys
  • Tailored and cost effective bird control and bird proofing solutions
  • Guano/bird droppings removal and cleaning

Bird control solutions we use to control Canada Goose problems are:

  • Trained dogs
  • Canada goose scaring
  • Trapping and removing
  • Egg removal

Problems associated with geese

  • Huge amounts of guano in private and public amenity areas, posing a very real threat to health
  • Noise - collectively known as a ‘gaggle’, a flock of geese generate extreme noise
  • Decimated areas of grassland and crops
  • A goose can be very aggressive towards people
  • Extreme danger to airports due to their size


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