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You might not like mosquitoes but they love you!

People and birds have a particular scent that mosquitoes just can’t resist. There are 33 know species of Mosquitoes in the UK the most common being the culex mosquito.  Mosquito problems are most prevalent late summer and in the autumn when they enter our houses to wait out the winter.

Climate change with higher temperature and milder winters has led to a longer ‘biting season’ in which many may suffer those irritating bumps and itchiness we all loathe. A quarter of mosquitoes however will not actually bite humans and only female mosquitoes are blood feeders. You can cut down the chance of being bitten by removing or covering areas where water pools, water butts for example, where mosquito eggs are laid.

There are various repellents and products to prevent mosquito bites in the garden, house or on camping trips that are available. If you have a severe mosquito problem we can provide advice and recommendations and supply a number of products such as fly screens or repellents to keep them at bay.


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