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There are over 1,140,000 breeding pairs of rooks in the UK, found primarily in rural areas and on the edge of small towns and villages. Extremely sociable birds, they form rookeries high in tree tops, numbering hundreds – even thousands of birds and are often confused with the carrion crow, which is a solitary bird often found alone or in pairs.

Problems associated with Rooks & Crows

  • Noise! If you’re unfortunate enough to live within earshot of a rookery, you’ll be very well aware of the extreme noise generated by the birds from as early as 4am
  • Often associated with crop damage, the rook will eat grain given the opportunity but its’ diet mainly consists of worms, leather jackets and the eggs of other  birds
  • Guano and debris from the nests
  • Crows are known to attack cars and will wrench off windscreen wipers etc. Crows, rooks and jackdaws will also pull putty out from around windows whilst attacking their own reflection!
  • Carrion crows will repeatedly return to a source of food

Rooks affect many types of businesses from rural hotels and golf clubs - to agricultural land. Your experienced area manager will devise a programme to control the rook population holistically and humanely, using a combination of legally accepted methods. 
Contact us before the nesting season in early March for advice and action to keep your land rook – and noise – free


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