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Image is everything in retail, so can you imagine the horror of a customer in a changing room when she discovers her ankles are covered in fleas? Sounds ridiculous right? After all, you obviously don’t keep animals in the store, so where would they come from? The answer is that they're 'transported' by people!

At NBC we offer pest prevention programmes to ensure that your business is protected from all types of pest. Whether it's a one off treatment you require or an annual service agreement - we can offer you a solution that fits your business needs.

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Our highly trained technicians can advise you about insect monitoring, pest prevention and bird proofing; a site survey is completely free and we’ll deal with any problems discreetly, quickly and efficiently.

Your business could well be affected by our ‘feathered friends’ too. Pigeons will find their way into warehouses and commonly, into shopping malls where they’ll find a safe, high spot out of harm’s way- and out of your reach. Their droppings (guano) are not only highly acidic but also pose a threat to health. 

As the UK’s no.1 bird proofing expert we have a range of solutions – bird netting and bird spiking for example. Whatever the bird may be...we can offer a solution. We routinely tackle bird control problems in shopping malls, shops and on warehouse roofs, in fact anywhere birds are causing a problem to our customers!

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