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Rodent problems are not only a health risk to your family if they get int he home or garden but can also inflict costly damage furniture, electrical cables, piping and even structural foundations resulting.

Rodents are also carriers of disease contaminating surfaces with urine, droppings and fur leading to the spread of such diseases as salmonella, leptospirosis and tuberculosis.

Getting rid of rodents quickly and safely could not be easier with our rodent control services.

Our rodent control service offers:

  • same day / next day response with treatment at a time convenient to you with no call out charges
  • a nationwide network of local branches with friendly, expert and professionally trained local technicians
  • a free survey of your property with recommendation for proofing against future rodent problems
  • a guarantee for all work completed
  • An online quote service to get rid of your rodent problem fast

What is a Rodent?

Common rodents that cause problems in the UK are rats, mice and squirrels. These rodents are part of a mammal family called rodentia. Rodents are characterised by two continuously growing incisors in the top and bottom jaws that must be kept short by constant gnawing.

Signs of a Rodent Problem

The most common signs that you have a rodent problem are:

  • scratching or gnawing noises in the wall, floor, roof space or under decking
  • droppings in or around your home
  • damage to your property - chewed furnishings, fittings, cables or torn up insulation

If you think you have a rodent problem contact your local branch (click here) or call 0800 094  9002.



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