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Squirrels may look cute but the cost of the damage they cause can be expensive. Equipped with teeth which continue to grow in length, these ‘cute’ rodents seek out material to gnaw in order to keep their teeth in check. Coupled with sharp claws and athletic prowess in climbing and jumping, squirrels invade manmade habitats with little or no trouble.

The feeding of squirrels in urban areas can encourage them to reside closer to buildings – and subsequently in them. They need little encouragement to seek out a warm, dry environment in the colder months or during the breeding seasons in February/March - and again in June/July.

What’s the solution?

If you suspect squirrel activity, call us and one of our highly trained managers will survey the site (free of charge of course), remove the squirrel and advise you about proofing to prevent the problem  reoccurring.

If you have squirrel problems that require immediate attention, call now on .  Our work is carried out by BPCA qualified technicians, is fully guaranteed and doesn’t require you to have a contract agreement with us for our 2 hour response.

How squirrels can affect your business

  • By invading roof and attic spaces
  • Believe it or not – squirrels can be a fire hazard! They chew and strip electricity cables, rendering them unsafe and potentially dangerous
  • They also gnaw phone lines, pipe insulation and roofing timbers
  • Damage to gardens and grounds caused by digging, stripping bark and eating flowers, bulbs, fruit etc.
  • Squirrels are early risers and if they’re resident in a roof space, they can cause sleep disturbance to anyone unfortunate enough to have a room underneath them.
  • Fiercely territorial - squirrels have been known to attack people on occasion


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