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Waste Management

We all like a takeaway… and scavenging gulls are no exception. Waste and landfill sites represent one thing to a gull – a ready source of takeaway food.

However, landfills also contain unpleasant items that can harbour the risk of disease. Consequently, birds (particularly gulls) feeding on the sites can pose potential health risks to our cities and towns, with gulls being implicated in the spread of salmonella and e-coli.

We have a long and succesful track record working in waste management with customers such as Biffa and Veolia Environmental Servcies. Our extensive experience in bird and pest control is unrivalled as we understand the problems you face with seagulls, rats and other problem pests.

We always complete a free and comprehensive risk assessment to assess the risk to the local environment and the health and safety of staff and visitors. A cost effective programme of control will be recommended to ensure that your site or sites have the appropriate pest control measures to comply with environmental health legislation.

As part of our servicer we regularly provide multi-site bird and pest control and also provide Mi-SITE an online pest management solution that enables you to easily manage your pest or bird control with access to your visit schedule, visit reports and more.

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