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Loved by some - seen as ‘sky rats’ by others, feral pigeons are a constant presence in urban areas.

Pigeons have adapted well to the urban environment - multiplying and bringing problems such as swooping, unsanitary droppings, noise and flapping. Feral pigeons get in - and on- all types of roofs, balconies, guttering and when roosting, you will find unsanitary and unsightly pigeon droppings and feathers. We just hope your car is not parked nearby!

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Often feral pigeons are attracted to an area by a food source. Traditionally pigeons' food is grain and seeds but in urban areas this is substituted with discarded takeaways or dropped food around dustbins.

If you are suffering with pigeon control problems we offer a free survey and will provide advice and recommendations to help you deter these nuisance birds. Our bird control experts are here to help you tackle these nuisance birds with bird proofing solutions, bird deterrents and also provide a guano removal service.

We offer a fast response service and will arrange a visit within 2 hours of your enquiry. There is no call out charge and all work complete is guaranteed.


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