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Bird netting is a very effective form of bird deterrent for a variety of species from pigeons and gulls to sparrows and starlings. It is a cost-effective and efficient way of protecting your site from the problems associated with bird droppings and health risks.
We have extensive experience with many types of bird netting installations – on warehouse roofs, multi-story car parks, listed buildings, stadiums and hotels to name a few.  We are able to keep the cost down by using our rope access teams when dealing with high multi-storey installations as rope access removes the need for expensive and unsightly scaffolding.

We provide a free comprehensive survey to ensure that the recommendations and installation fit your needs to stop the bird problem and meet your budget. For example, it would be ineffective to install pigeon nets when you have a problem with sparrows.

The Advantages of Using Bird Netting

  • Bird netting will protect structures from any species of urban pest birds.
  • Bird netting is virtually the only system that can be used with 100% confidence in places where birds are roosting at night or nesting.
  • Bird netting systems can be used to cover an entire roof or elevation of a large building, from the first floor upwards.
  • When properly installed, bird netting is virtually invisible, being extremely difficult to see from just a few metres away.
  • Polyethylene knotted bird netting can withstand a wide range of environmental conditions.
  • You can expect a working life of 10 years or more in UK sun conditions.
  • All our work and materials is guaranteed.


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