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Audio Bird Deterrents

Using audio deterrents is an alternative method of bird control. It involves broadcasting audio recordings of seagulls, starlings, rooks and crows in distress which can be very effective in some situations.

The use of these distress callers alerts the pest birds that the area is not safe, causing them to disperse. After installation, these systems require minimal maintenance and management as they are automatic, providing a cost effective solution.

Audio bird deterrents can also be used in conjunction with other methods of bird control to further increase the effectiveness of a bird control programme.

We will complete a full site survey before making recommendations to address your bird control problem. As the UK’s no.1 independent installer of bird control solutions you can rest assured we will find the right bird control solution for you. With over 18 years experience in urban and rural environments controlling nuisance bird populations of every species - we’ll find the right solution for you.


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