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When it comes to foxes and fox problems, opinion is divided – we either love or hate them! Whether your business is in a rural or urban area, you could be subjected to the fox’s nocturnal activity and the problems it causes.

In fact, fox populations and fox problems are becoming higher in urban areas than in rural areas, where these highly efficient scavengers can find a plentiful supply of food. Although primarily carnivorous, foxes will eat anything from berries to rats. They will also, of course, eat discarded takeaway and food waste from rubbish bags

What’s the solution?

Beginning with a free site survey to assess the fox problem activity, our highly experienced technician can offer a combination of solutions and advice to remove you fox problem - none of which cause any risk to humans or wildlife.
If you have a fox problem which needs an immediate response we provide a fast, effective and all our work is guaranteed.

How can foxes affect you?

  • Foxes can be extremely noisy!
  • Scattering of food debris over a wide area
  • Droppings and spraying
  • Concerns about the spread of mange
  • Occasional instances of a fox becoming trapped in buildings

Examples of businesses we have helped in the past include warehouse/storage facilities, golf clubs, hotels, garden centres, housing associations and country parks. Schools with portable classrooms are popular with foxes as the raised building provides a perfect den and open bins full of half eaten lunches provide an ideal food source


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