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Bird Scaring

As the leading bird control specialist in the UK we have a broad range of bird scaring services and bird scaring products available. Bird scaring methods are ideal where the use of tradition bird proofing methods is restricted. All of the methods we use are humane and do not harm the nuisance bird population. Typical bird scaring methods we use are:

  • Falconry response
  • Audio deterrents
  • Electric deterrents
  • Rockets & Kites

Falconry Response

Falconry response pits nature against nature. All our technicians and birds are trained in-house to ensure the welfare of the hawks and falcons we use. The hawks and falcons used for bird scaring act as predatory threat without harming any of the nuisance bird population. Learn more about falconry response

Audio Bird Deterrents

Bird scaring using audio deterrents involves broadcasting distress bird calls or predatory cries to scare off the nuisance birds. Usually the distress calls need to be specific to the problem bird species to be effective but predatory calls can be used for multiple bird species. Learn more about Audio deterrents

Electric Bird Deterrent

The electric bird deterrent is harmless to birds but is a highly effective low profile bird deterrent for buildings or areas where netting, bird spiking or bird wire would adversely affect the appearance or functionality. Learn more about electric bird deterrents

Rockets & Kites

Rockets and kites are quick and easy bird scaring methods and are usually used as part of a bird scaring programme in conjunction with other methods. These bird deterrents are ideal for customers who are looking to keep costs down and explore self help options.

If you have more questions about as a bird scaring methods call the national helpline freephone or you can find your local branch (click here).


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