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Flies and fly infestations are generally unsanitary and unhygienic but are an enormous risk to some businesses - restaurants, cafes, hotels, hospitals, manufacturing, farming and agriculture.

In order to comply with health and hygiene legislation your business should have preventative fly control measures in place before a fly infestation has a chance to take hold. We work with many business throughout the UK. in providing fly control programmes We ensure every business is thoroughly surveyed to check for entry points, housekeeping issues and areas where a higher level of control is required.

We provide internal and external fly control solutions ranging from electronic fly killers to spray systems - to fly screens for windows, doors and vents. The solution we use for you is tailored to your business and situation.

With local offices throughout the UK you are never far from help - especially if you have a fly infestation that needs removing quickly before it affects your business.

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