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The onset of the warmer weather during the summer months brings with it an annual nuisance for many businesses – wasps!

They become particularly aggressive at this time of the year, attacking and stinging with impunity, which can result in severe medical problems - even fatalities - amongst those who are allergic to the sting. They temporarily give up their natural diet of insects for the preferred instant source of fruit, rubbish and abandoned food, which goes hand in hand with the warmer weather.
Wasp nests can be found in trees, wall cavities, eaves, soil banks – in fact, wherever you are in the summer – you can guarantee that wasps will not be too far away.

What’s the solution?
Treatment of a wasps nest is definitely a job for experts! Our highly experienced technicians carry out a free site assessment prior to treating a wasp nest, ensuring the minimum risk to your staff, customers and the surrounding area.
If you have a wasp problem which requires an immediate response, we provide a fast, efficient and effective solution and our service is guaranteed. We have many years’ experience of wasp nest removal.

Get rid of your wasp problem

How can wasps affect your business?Staff and customers being stung

  • Wasp nests can become very large, containing between 5-10,000 wasps. If the nest is disturbed or broken – that’s 10,000 wasps loose around your business!
  • Large amounts of wasp activity will deter customers from using your facilities
  • Dead and dying wasps can cause contamination of stock and affect production

Wasps can become a significant nuisance to business premises including bakeries, fruiterers, jam, confectionery and food factories, pubs, restaurants, schools, tourist attractions…..anywhere there is food, drink or rubbish is virtually guaranteed to attract wasps during the summer months.


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