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The red fox is a native relative of the dog, common throughout Britain. The population is estimated to be around quarter of a million, with 14% living in urban areas. Dealing with a fox problem is important for the well-being of your family and home. While foxes are not considered dangerous, they can be aggressive in protecting themselves and their young.  They can also cause damage to gardens and pose a very real risk to domestic pets such as rabbits, guinea pigs and poultry.

Foxes are extremely adaptable and have spread rapidly into urban areas, mirroring our population growth. Like people, foxes prefer suburban housing with large gardens where they can find easy shelter under shrubbery, sheds, and in secluded corners. Foxes shelter in burrows known as earths or dens.  The fox is an omnivore, and will eat pretty much anything it can get - birds, rabbits, small mammals, insects, worms, fruit, grass and a wide variety of scavenged food.

Dealing with a fox problem quickly and safely could not be easier with our fast and reliable service. You can contact your local branch on freephone or find you nearest branch with our branch locator.

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Our fox control service offers:

  • same day / next day response with treatment at a time convenient to you with no call out charges
  • a nationwide network of local branches with friendly, expert and professionally trained local technicians
  • a free survey of your property with recommendation for preventing future fox problems
  • a guarantee for all work completed
  • an online quote service to get rid of your fox problem fast

Most of the fox problems people report are nuisance based. This includes noise from their screaming and barking, digging in gardens, leaving food debris and interfering with dustbins and rubbish bags.

Fox activity can be identified by the presence of hair left on barbed wire or thorns and droppings - pointed at the ends and twisted in appearance comprising of undigested food remains. Foxes will also leave a clear thin track as they move through vegetation and the presence of a distinctive musty smell may remain in the air for many hours.

It is illegal to lay poison baits for foxes and also presents a serious risk to pets and wildlife. Our expert approach usually involves a combination of methods to control fox population and prevent them from making themselves at home around your property.

If you have a fox problem, it’s essential to seek professional help. Contact your local branch or call to speak to one of our expert pest control technicians. Alternatively you can get an online domestic quote to get rid of your fox problem now.


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