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Changes to the education system now mean that you have more control over your suppliers. As a nationwide provider of bird and pest control prevention services we are well positioned to meet your needs.

We have branches throughout the UK that are run by local technicians providing bird and pest control throughout the local communities. Our services ensure that pest problems are kept in check and homes and businesses have prevention measures in place to protect their families and employees from the risk pest bring.

Do you have pest prevention measures in place or have you recently checked they meet health and safety standards?

Often the signs of pest activity are not noticed until there is a real problem. Pest problems don’t always happen in the same areas and regular monitoring is required to ensure a small problem does not become an expensive one risking the health of staff and students.

We offer regular service agreements - tailored to your exact requirements and budget - which provide protection against flies, cockroaches, rodents, birds and nuisance wildlife such as rabbits or foxes. We’ll look at the common problem areas such as the kitchen and refuse areas as well as the surrounding environment – pest might not always originate from your campus remember!

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We complete a free site survey and risk assessment with advice and recommendations which we will discuss with you to work in partnership to ensure the welfare of staff and students on campus

Bird Control

As well as providing pest prevention and treatment services we are the UK’s leading bird control specialist and deal with nuisance birds such as pigeons, gulls and Canada geese.

We offer bird scaring via our falconry response service - using hawks as a natural deterrent – and bird proofing solutions to stop birds roosting or nesting on roofs and courtyards. Each problem is unique in our experience as it depends on the site, environment and the amount of bird ‘pressure’ so we will complete a full free site survey before making recommendations.

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