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Getting rid of rats is essential to maintaining a safe and hygienic workplace, especially in the food and hospitality industry. Rats not only carry diseases such as salmonella, E.coli and Weil's disease, but they also carry ticks, mites and fleas and can cause allergic reactions. Rats can also inflict costly damage to property, stock and foodstuffs.

Get rid of rats quickly and safely with our commercial rat control service.

Our rat control service offers:

  • fast, reliable same day response with no call out charges
  • a free survey by qualified pest
  • recommendations of rat control measures such as rodent proofing to block entry points
  • regular visits to monitor, control and prevent rat infestations

The risks of a rat problem without prevention:

  • a loss of reputation and trade due to being seen as a dirty or unhygienic
  • legal ramifications due to not meeting legislation for health & safety
  • damage to property, stock and foodstuffs and the cost of repair
  • contamination of goods and foodstuffs putting customers at risk
  • the spread of diseases

Sure signs that you have a rat problem

Rats, like mice, produce characteristic ‘stale’ odours, which are easily recognised.  Other signs are:

  • scratching or gnawing noises in the wall, floor or roof space
  • droppings in or around your workplace
  • damage to your property such as chewed furnishings, fittings or cables
  • nests with shredded material such as insulation, paper or packaging
  • stock damage

What to do next – Why risk it for a biscuit?

With current legislation, companies are required to take health and safety very seriously. Don’t let an easily prevented problem like poor rodent control compromise the reputation and integrity of your company.

Call our national helpline on to arrange a free survey, to discuss rodent control or to remove your rat control problem. Alternatively find your local branch to speak to your local pest control technician.


A male rat is called a "buck" and a female rat a "doe". A group of rats is call a "mischief"!


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