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Getting rid of a fly infestation is vital to the well being of your family and home.  There are many different species of fly in the UK which feed off decaying matter and uncovered food, spreading disease such as E.coli, dysentery and gastroenteritis. They can also transmit intestinal worms. Flies contaminate foodstuffs, work surfaces and utensils. Some types – such as Horse Flies – can also give painful bites to people and animals.

Getting rid of flies in your home quickly and safely could not be easier with our fast and reliable fly control service. You can contact your local branch on freephone or find you nearest branch with our branch locator.

Our fly control service offers:

  • same day / next day response with treatment at a time convenient to you with no call out charges
  • a nationwide network of local branches with friendly, expert and professionally trained local technicians
  • a free survey of your property with recommendation for preventing future fly problems
  • a guarantee for all work completed
  • an online quote service to get rid of your fly problem fast

Flies belong to the Diptera order of insects which contains 100,000 species worldwide.  Fly infestations and breeding are high during the summer months when conditions are optimum (warm and humid).  Each female fly can lay approximately 500 eggs, leading to rapid and sustained infestation if not properly treated. All fly species will complete a metamorphosis with distinct egg, larvae, pupal and adult stages and will feed on decaying matter, faeces or uncovered food. Flies will also enter your home during late summer/autumn to overwinter.  Species most often found in UK homes include the Cluster fly, the Common House fly, the Lesser House fly, Filter Flies and Fruit flies.

Once you have flies in the home it can be difficult to get rid of the infestation without professional help. Accurate species identification and treatment is vital to ensure the problem is fully eradicated and help avoid re-infestation. Contact your local branch or call to speak to one of our expert pest control technicians. 


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