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Electric Bird Deterrent

Our electric bird deterrent system (similar to the type of electric fencing used for livestock) is effective on all bird species and for all bird infestation problems. It utilises the latest technology to combine low visibility with high performance and it can be applied to almost any site and on a wide range of surfaces, including signage. 

It’s the only system, tested and proven by The Food and Research Agency (FERA), to be harmless to birds, providing a humane yet effective solution to bird control. It is especially effective on historic or listed buildings where other proofing methods may not be an option.

  • Low profile with a choice of colours
  • Highly effective - all bird species, all problems 
  • Versatile - curves up and down, side-to-side 
  • Durable - UV protected, withstands damage 
  • Fast to install with low running costs 
  • A 5 year guarantee on track and 2 years on energisers

We always recommend that you have a full survey before choosing a bird control system. We offer a free survey and will provide you with our recommendation to solve your bird problem.

Electric Bird Deterrent Testimonials

 “It’s great to see new cutting-edge technology coming into our industry allowing members to solve urban bird problems for which they previously had few acceptable answers.”
Oliver Madge, BPCA

“A new non-physical bird management system which combines effectiveness with the assurance of no bodily injury. I can see lots of applications for it.”
Paul Butt, Natural England


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