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Gulls (or seagulls) have adapted well to urban environments on the UK coastline and can fly up to 100 miles inland - scavenging our waste as a food source and sometimes even taking the food we are holding!

Our seagull control services offer:

  • Expert, knowledgeable and qualified bird control specialists
  • Free and comprehensive site surveys
  • Tailored and cost effective bird control and bird proofing solutions
  • Guano/bird droppings removal and cleanin
  • Advice on the Wildlife & Countryside Act and how it affects bird control

Bird control solutions we use to control gull problems are:

  • Gull spiking
  • Gull netting
  • Falconry response
  • Bird Free “Fake Fire” gel
  • Gull scarers
  • Electric bird control deterrent
  • Egg removal or oiling

Common gull problems

  • Noise – Seagull noise can be irritating and deafening especially during nesting season (March to September)
  • Aggressive Behaviour – Gulls often attack people during nesting season to protect their nests. Seagull problems also extend to swooping at people
  • Guano – Seagull guano is not only unsightly but a potential health risk especially near ventilation systems and rooftop plant machinery
  • Nesting – Seagull nest debris can block downpipes and guttering as well as attracting parasites and nuisance insects
  • Vehicle or building damage caused by acidic seagull guano
  • Increased building maintenance and cleaning costs


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