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We provide pest control services across many market sectors and to a diverse range of clients with differing needs.

Our bird and pest control provides services for a single pest or bird control treatments, annual service agreements, multi-site service agreements and emergency pest or bird control. In order to ensure you receive an efficient and cost effective service we tailor our bird and pest control services to your exact requirements rather than provide a one size fits all off-the-shelf service.

All of our work is guaranteed and is completed by experienced and BPCA trained bird and pest control technicians who receive on-going training to ensure delivery of a service that meets the highest standards of service possible.

If you have a bird or pest control service agreement we also make it easier for you to manage you service agreement providing you access to Mi-SITE and online management system. Mi-SITE allows you to view your service agreement and site visit updates (provided by our technicians) from your desk. We’ll provide you with a unique and secure log in and all you need is an internet connection to get started. You can also view more than one site if you manage multiple sites within your business or organisation.

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