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Oh we do like to be beside the seaside – except when gulls and pigeons threaten to disrupt business.

Roosting birds can cause excessive damage and mess. Birds' nests, feathers and droppings (guano) are not only unsightly slip hazards, they also carry disease and can block drains and pipes. Guano can be corrosive to structures, causing damage that, at best, is costly to repair and, at worst, a real safety threat.

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Rodents can quickly make themselves at home in dockside buildings, causing a lot of damage and spreading disease. All this not only creates a poor working environment, it poses health risks and can threaten the efficient operation of your business.

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When you need to clean up your act, our highly skilled pest control teams will swoop in with a free site visit and expert advice. They can carry out whatever treatment is necessary, quickly and effectively, so you can concentrate on enjoying the sea air – and a pest-free environment.


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