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While we may associate mosquitoes with more tropical parts of the world, they are becoming an increasing problem in the UK. Based on a survey of UK local authorities, reports of mosquito bites have more than doubled over the last 10 years.  There are over 30 species in Britain, only five of which are native to our shores.

Mosquito problems are most prevalent late summer and in the autumn when they enter our houses to wait out the winter. Climate change with higher temperatures and milder winters has led to a longer ‘biting season’ causing those irritating bumps and itchiness we all loathe.

Reducing and controlling mosquito problems quickly and safely could not be easier with our fast and reliable service. You can contact your local branch on freephone or find you nearest branch with our branch locator.

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Our mosquito control service offers:

  • same day / next day response with treatment at a time convenient to you with no call out charges
  • a nationwide network of local branches with friendly, expert and professionally trained local technicians
  • a free survey of your property with recommendation for preventing future problems
  • a guarantee for all work completed
  • an online quote service to get rid of your mosquito problem fast

Mosquitoes lay their eggs in stagnant pools of water, where they hatch into swimming larvae before the airborne adults ultimately emerge. An increase in the use of patio heaters and rainwater collection tanks have helped to attract the insects into our gardens, where they become a real pest.

Mosquitoes usually feed upon nectar, but the females bite to drink blood, providing extra supplements for their eggs when they are preparing to lay. It’s at this time they become a nuisance to humans.

There are various repellents and products available to prevent mosquito bites in the garden, house or on camping trips. If you have a severe mosquito problem we can provide advice and recommendations plus supply a number of products - such as fly screens or repellents - to keep them at bay.

Contact your local branch or call to speak to one of our expert pest control technicians. Alternatively you can get an online domestic quote to get rid of your mosquito problem now.


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