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You don’t keep pets at your business premises, so why would you have a flea problem?  Fleas are attracted to body heat (including humans) and consequently, are often ‘transported’ to other locations in the clothing of unsuspecting hosts… that location could be your business premises.
Fleas lay eggs at an alarming rate – somewhere in the region of 30-40 per day. Theoretically, that’s potentially another 20 breeding pairs, each laying another 40 eggs per day.  Before you realise it, you have a flea infestation in your school, business premises or shop and a severe problem with staff and customers getting covered in flea bites.

What’s the solution?
The only way to effectively get rid of fleas is to have a professional flea treatment carried out by a trained technician who, after carrying out a free risk assessment, will recommend a suitable treatment to resolve your flea problem, discreetly, efficiently and safely. All our technicians are BPCA trained and our work is guaranteed, so you can be confident that our flea treatment will solve your problem.

Get rid of your flea problem

How can fleas affect your business?

  • Staff and customers being bitten by fleas
  • Loss of customer confidence
  • Loss of your hard earned reputation
  • A severe flea control problem that may take weeks to eradicate

Schools, retail businesses, rental properties, business premises… any business can be affected by a flea infestation.


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