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Fake Fire Proves Effective in Covent Garden

Fake Fire Proves Effective in Covent Garden

When pigeons were causing problems, plaguing cafés in Covent Garden, a revolutionary new product was introduced as a bird deterrent. “Fake fire” Bird Free gel is a low-profile gel that cannot be seen from the ground when applied to roofing or ledges.

Pigeons would swoop down to pick up the food left on the tables, causing much distress to customers, staff and passers-by.

Dishes of the oil-based “fake fire” gel were placed on the parapets of the café buildings, invisible from ground level. To the birds, the non-toxic gel gives off an orange ultra-violet light which effectively tricks the birds into believing they are seeing flames. The smell is also a deterrent to the birds and if they touch if they get a harmless sting, adding to the fake fire ruse.

After the “fake fire” dishes were placed, the problem pigeons were immediately observed attempting to land, but then changing their minds after seeing the “fake fire” in place. After a week, the pigeons were completely deterred - no longer attempting to land on the parapets at all.

The benefits of “fake fire” gel are:

  • Low-profile bird control product which is invisible from the ground – won’t ruin the appearance of structures, which is ideal for listed buildings
  • Non-toxic – won’t harm the birds or have any adverse effects on wildlife or the environment
  • Effective method of bird control – proven to be successful not only in the UK but also in Europe and throughout the world

The “fake fire” bird deterrent gel is still in place and the buildings are completely clear of pigeon problems. We are pleased to add this new bird deterrent to our range of other effective bird control services. Read more about the service on our "fake fire" page.

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