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Technology, Science and Bird Control

Technology, Science and Bird Control

Electric bird deterrents on roof

When discussing bird control most people tend to think about traditional proofing methods such as netting, spiking and even trapping. What’s often forgotten about is the science and technology that’s available in other methods of bird control.

One instance where technology is used for bird proofing is an electric bird deterrent called Avi Shock. This uses cutting-edge technology to provide not only an effective but also a very discreet alternative to other high profile bird proofing methods and is the only system of its type to be approved by FERA as harmless to birds. Electric bird deterrents have proven to be particularly effective on historic or listed buildings where other proofing methods cannot be used.

Another example of technology in bird control is audio bird deterrents. These broadcast audio recordings of birds in distress which scare away nuisance birds in the area. This method of bird control is most often used in conjunction with falconry response, to provide both audio and visual deterrents, causing the problem birds to believe that the area isn’t safe.

With the introduction of Bird Free gel as an organic solution, we are also adding science to bird control. Bird Free gel (sometimes known as “fake fire” gel) uses specially developed food-grade natural oils deter birds away from structures without harming them. This revolutionary new gel gives off an ultra-violet light, visible only by the birds to trick them into believing they are seeing flames, which discourages them from landing.

We understand that every situation varies and no two bird problems are exactly the same. We offer bird control solutions using these newer methods as well as our extensive range of traditional bird control methods, so we are equipped to handle any bird control problem. So when you think that the only solution to a bird problem is to put some netting up… think again!

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