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Winter Weather Forces Pests Indoors

Winter Weather Forces Pests Indoors

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During the warmer summer months we might expect to see a number of different species of insect gaining access to our homes or offices as windows and doors are more frequently left open. When the temperature drops, the sight of ants in the home for example, might be more alarming. A sighting like this might be a cause for concern as it suggests there may be a well established nest or infestation.
Some insects are able to withstand temperatures as low as -65°C because they are able to produce an anti-freeze circulated via their blood cells. However, the additional food sources that are available to insects in private and commercial properties may attract them indoors. 
Rodents are particularly active during winter. As natural winter foods begin to dwindle and farming procedures like harvesting of root crops are at their height, rats and mice start to look for more plentiful food supplies. The food we waste can then become an inviting prospect for rodents.It may be difficult to prevent rats or mice from entering your premises. Rats are able to squeeze through a gap as small as a 10p coin, while most mice can fit through an opening as small as a 5p coin.
There are however some preventative measures that can be taken to prevent pests from gaining entry to our private and commercial properties. 
  • Always clear up spillages immediately and make sure there is no sticky residue.
  • Keep food covered up at all times when not eating.
  • Make sure kitchens are kept clear of any food debris.
  • Ensure rubbish bins have sealed lids.
  • Be sure to trim plants, bushes and branches as these can serve as a natural pathway for pests to gain access to your premises.
  • Tightly seal potential entry points as much as possible.
The only guaranteed solution to a pest problem is to use the expertise of a professional pest control company. At NBC Pest & Bird Solutions we offer an ethical approach to bird and pest control, assuring our treatments have no adverse effect on wildlife or the surrounding environment.
Finding a solution to your pest problem quickly and effectively could not be easier with our fast and reliable services. Freephone to speak to one of our experts or find your nearest branch using the branch locator.


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