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Common UK Pests

There’s been a significant rise in pest problems and infestations in UK homes over the last decade. As a leading provider on pest control services to homes and businesses throughout the UK we have dealt with every type of pest imaginable.
We understand that you want any pest problem you have removed quickly and efficiently using a reliable service. All of our technicians are BPCA qualified and will help you prevent future pest problems after treatment by providing you with advice and guidance to keep your home pest free.

Wasps and Wasp Nests
Although a seasonal pest, wasp nests cause many problems. Wasp nests can be difficult to remove often located in wall cavities, roof spaces, chimneys or roof eaves. Wasp nests can hold up to 5000 wasps and should be treated by a professional with the correct safety equipment.

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Rat Control
Rats and rat infestations frequently occur in homes, out-buildings and garages. Due to less frequent rubbish collections rat control problems are increasing in urban areas and can be a health risk to your family as well as an annoyance. The most common rat is the Norwegian rat or the brown rat and signs of a rat infestation include, scratching, gnaw marks, chewed electrical cables and droppings.

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Mouse Control
A mouse problem will affect us all at some point. Able to get in virtually any crack or under any door they will chew at your home and food, as well as using your house as a toilet - they urinate on the move all the time! Although cute a mouse infestation is not something you want your family to have to deal with.

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Bed bugs
A bed bug bite is not pleasant and how you get rid of a bed bug infestation is more work than most think. Bed bugs are spreading throughout the UK especially in densely populated areas or where there are many frequent travellers. Bed bugs are spread via clothing, in suitcases on transport and you won’t know you have a bed bug problem until bitten.

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Fleas and how to get rid of Fleas
How to get rid of fleas is a common question that many homes have to ask especially if they have pets. The most common discovery of fleas occurs when people move home and a flea treatment to get rid of the flea infestation is required. If no food source (blood) is available they pupate until a food source is near and then ‘awake’ to feed.

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Flies and Fly control
Fly control in the home is commonly done with fly sprays, but occasionally a fly control problem can get out of hand and you’ll need a professional to get rid of your fly problem. Our technicians will help you avoid unsightly or unhealthy fly strips and provide advice on how to get rid of your fly problem.

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