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216 Balcony Evictions & Proofing Installation

216 Balcony Evictions & Proofing Installation

Bird Proofing 216 Balconies

Working with Lawtech, a specialist external wall insulation contractor, we were able to help Chester District Housing Association by proofing a 12 storey block of flats where pigeons had chosen to roost and nest on the buildings 216 balconies.

The block of flats was undergoing an external refurbishment in order to enhance the cosmetics of the building, as well as improve the insulation. Gutters and drains can be blocked, while ladders and fire escapes may become coated in slippery droppings, making them unsafe to use.

Pigeons cause of a number of issues which can be problematic for property owners. Apart from the unsightly nature of guano (pigeons droppings), the acidic droppings can erode stonework, often resulting in costly long term damage. The risk to the public is also significant, as droppings cause slippery pavements and roads and being a health risk transmitting harmful bacteria and disease if left uncleared.

Another common concern when dealing with a pigeon problem is the potential damage that can be caused to the air conditioning operation. Pigeons can cause expensive problems to these systems by fouling in and around them, or nesting in their vicinity. As pigeon droppings dry the particles become airborne getting into air conditioning and ventilation. These particles carry bacteria and disease such as Cryptococcosis and Histoplasmosis, which cause fever, flu like symptoms and respiratory difficulties.

Bird netting is a reliable and cost effective measure that has little impact on the architecture of a building. Quick and easy to install, bird netting can be applied to almost any commercial or residential property.

Pigeon netting was installed across all 216 of the building balconies, therefore preventing pigeons from accessing the balconies and continuing to be a nuisance and the associated guano droppings being a health risk.

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