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Warehouse Gully Clean - Bury St Edmunds

Gullies Cleaned on large Warehouse

Gullies Cleaned on large Warehouse

Area manager for Norfolk & Suffolk Bird and Pest Control, Simon Collins,  was recently called into a large warehouse in Bury St Edmunds.

Nesting gulls and their nest debris had blocked the central gullies on the roof which was becoming a potential health and safety issue.  After time if not remedied leakages could have occurred into the warehouse itself and damaged the stock inside as well as posing a risk to the staff.   Simon carried out a strict Bio-cide clean of the gullies removing in excess of over 300 waste bags along the 100 metre stretches.
Once the waste was removed a full Bio-cide spray was carried out to neutralize all the harmful bacteria and pathogens associated with bird fouling/guano.

10 Pole kites were installed to deter the gulls from the site which to date have been very effective. The Pole kites can be retracted in bad weather conditions and when not needed.

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