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Pigeon Guano Removal - Galliford Try Construction, Bath

Pigeon problems are common in the UK as the feral pigeons bring disease and bacteria resulting in a health and safety risk to communities and workers.

A prestigious development site near Bath at Bradford-on-Avon consisted of some new builds and some building redevelopments in which unfortunately pigeons were nesting and roosting resulting in large amounts of pigeon guano being deposited in each building.

Before construction could continue the building needs to be cleaned and treated to ensure the safety of the builders on site. Guano carries many harmful diseases and bacteria (Histoplasmosis, Ornithosis, Campylobacterosis) and in such quantities should be treated and removed by a professional with the area being fully sanitised after.

The pigeons had gained access through window openings which were proofed and pigeons removed prior to the guano removal. Full PPE and safety mask should always be worn for guano removal as most of the disease transmissions from guano occur through inhalation of dried guano particles.

Having gained access to upper floors Rob and his team worked through the building completing a biocide spray to kill the bacteria and prevent dust particles becoming airborne prior to commencing the guano removal.

Once the initial biocide spray was completed the pigeon guano, dead pigeons, and pigeon nest debris was removed from the buildings and a further biocide spray treatment was completed to sanitise the now guano free area.

The building development was able to continue without a health and safety risk to its workers and contractors on the site.

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