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Honda UK, Langley, Berkshire

Honda Discovers the Power of Dreams –  Honda UK called on our Reading bird control branch to provide a solution to a large bird problem they were experiencing at their UK Headquarters in Langley, Berkshire. Pigeons were nesting on the upper balconies and on the gravel gutter beds, and roosting on the windows at the back of the building. The windows were overlooked by the glazed panel lifts which serviced the building, causing all staff and visitors a view of the guano covered windowsills as they travelled from floor to floor. In addition, the air treatment plant housed on the roof of an open topped room was being used as a roost by starlings, sparrows and wagtails. Richard Stewart, of our Berkshire office, offered the solution of an intensive falconry response, using a Harris hawk. This entailed four hours of flying per day for the first week followed by a weekly two hour visit to deter the pigeon flocks. All nests were removed, and bird proofing was applied to piping to prevent the birds accessing the building. The air treatment plant was also burd proofed, using 19mm black netting, which blocked entry to small birds. Once the birds were under control the cleaning began, with a 21 metre hoist needing to be brought in to gain access to the highest sills.

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