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Sunday Funday - NightFreight Wolverhampton

Graham Rees area manager with his Eagle Owl

Graham Rees area manager with his Eagle Owl

In June Graham Rees area manager for Wolverhampton Bird and Pest Control, and his son, attended the Nightfreight Sunday Funday held this year to support their nominated Charity, The Steve Bull Foundation.

Graham works at NightFreight for their pest control contract.

Graham took along a Barn Owl, Eagle Owl, Pere/Lanner, Harris Hawk and a Red Tail Hawk, just some of his many birds that he keeps for pleasure and work purposes.

Alot the children wanted to hold the barn owl and have their pictures taken by their Mum or Dad, so Graham seeing an opportunity to collect more money for the Charity asked if they would pop some money in the tin, which they did.

Examples of some of the childrens' questions were;

"Is that a parrot?"

"Why aren't the owls asleep?"

I'm sure Graham gave them the answers and made their day one to remember.

Nightfreight sent Graham a letter thanking him for his support and were very pleased to say the total they had raised this year was £10,000, and would be presenting the cheque to Steve within the next few days.

The Steve Bull Foundation provides Charitable support in the form of grants to organisations primarily in the Black Country and the West Midlands which specialise in assisting young people, the disabled, the homeless, the sick and disadvantaged.


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