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Mole Problem Kicked off the Ground! – Nr Yeovil, Somerset

Mole hills are a common problem and we are often asked ‘how do you get rid of moles?’. Well the best way is to leave it to the professionals such as Rob Voisey, the NBC area manager for Somerset.

Rob and his team have extensive experience in trapping moles humanely so when the Wincanton Sports Ground contacted NBC a solution was guaranteed.

The moles had set up home around the football pitches at the sports ground and had been tolerated  there for some time until the time when their mole hills started to appear on the pitches.

You won’t see a mole hill at a Premiership grounds and so action need to be taken to prevent serious injury to the football players and the ruination of the football pitch.

Using humane trapping methods (as opposed to gassing) means the moles were removed safely, quickly and efficiently using half barrel traps situated in the mole tunnels. The mole removal programme was completed during the week to avoid the weekend football games so the traps were removed on Friday and re-laid on Mondays to continue the mole removal programme.

With 10 moles caught the problem is now under control and the risk to the football players removed.

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