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Inverness Bird and Pest Control

Areas Covered: Inverness, Invergordon, Nairn, Lairg, Kirkwall, Thurso, Wick

Ian Cain is the area manager for the Highlands and Islands and provides bird and pest control in and around Inverness, Invergordon, Nairn, Lairg, Kirkwall, Thurso and Wick.

Ian is personally dedicated to providing clients with the highest level of bird and pest control services. Whether you have a rodent problem, a wasp nest or require a complete bird management programme such as bird scaring and/or bird proofing, we can meet any client's needs.

This branch is an independent business unit run by local people supporting the local economy yet with the support and resources of the national parent company, which means staff understand the area and the needs of the businesses within it. With the support of Head Office they are able to manage the largest, most specialist work to a standard respected by the country's leading brands.

We deliver a complete range of pest control services, offering solutions to problems with birds, rodents, flies, insects and wildlife, from Elgin to Inverness to John 0'Groats. Ian has at his disposal a team of experienced and competent pest technicians to respond to your needs quickly and effectively.

We are a leading supplier of a wide range of bird control and pest control services in the Highlands and Islands for clients who are socially and environmentally responsible; a fact demonstrated by the impressive list of satisfied clients which includes bp, the National Galleries and National Grid. This branch has undertaken difficult pest control work in some of the many historic buildings in the region, as well as modern, commercial and industrial properties, preventing and managing all manner of pests, in addition to flying birds of prey and installing bird proofing systems to exclude birds.

Commercial, industrial or domestic, we are your local and national pest control company, credible and responsible. We will protect you from pests whilst ensuring that our operations are carried out safely and do not have an adverse effect on other wildlife.

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