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Falconry Response Programme in Oxford - Oxford Council

Hawks have been hailed with cutting the number of pigeons blighting an Oxfordshire council estate.

The bird of prey was introduced, by our Oxford bird control branch area manager, Richard Stewart, around Whitworth Street in Jericho last month after complaints that  pigeons were leaving droppings on balconies and in gardens.

The Council have been using our services that sees the hawks scare away the nuisance birds without harming them.

Mayor of Oxford Susanna Pressel said that before we came to help them the local community had complained about the plaguing pigeon infestation in the area: "We received many complaints over months and years on this issue. The pigeons leave their droppings all over people's balconies and in gardens, they can't hang up their washing or sit outside and it was getting very unpleasant for them."

The mayor said other areas in Oxford could do with the hawk treatment. 

The Mayor and Richard Stewart were both on BBC Oxford's Breakfast Show discussing the improvements that bird scaring with a falcon has made to the area.

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