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Bird Control Experts Give Advice on Hawks & Falcons

Bird Control Experts Give Advice on Hawks & Falcons

Paul Thomson, of the NBC Peterborough bird control branch, was recently asked by Killgerm to speak at one of their workshops held in Peterborough on how the use of hawks and falcons in bird control is successfully carried out. NBC were chosen for this workshop because we are the UK’s bird control experts, with branches nationwide and over 19 years’ experience in the industry.

Our ethical approach to bird control and bird proofing means that one of the core bird control services we provide is falconry response. This is a method of bird deterrent that involves flying hawks and falcons in areas with a nuisance bird population, to act a visual deterrent encouraging the problem birds to move on to another area.  The hawks and falcons used for falconry response act as a predatory threat without harming any of the nuisance bird population.

Falconry response is an ideal solution where other methods, such as bird proofing, may not be suitable. We are often contracted to provide bird scaring via falconry response at shopping centres, flats and in city centres where a proofing option is not appropriate.

In addition to falconry response, we offer a wide range of bird control solutions, including audio deterrents, electric bird deterrents and bird proofing. As well as making ourselves available to speak at workshops, we also offer free help and advice on all bird and pest control problems.

If you have an issue with problem birds, such as pigeons, gulls, or starlings then call the experts on or find your local branch.


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