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East Merthyr Reclamation Scheme

Miller Argent, the sites managers have enlisted the services of NBC Bird and Pest Control, Area Manager Karl Smith to assist with bird control at the open cast mine in South Wales.

The East Merthyr Reclamation Scheme plans to reclaim over 1,000 acres of derelict and dangerous land which will be restored as an Urban Common. Typically undeveloped areas provide an ideal breeding place for ground nesting birds such as lapwings and skylarks and once the five month breeding period has begun it is illegal to remove or disturb the birds.  This can have serious financial implications for the development whilst work is at a standstill. 

As the sale of the underlying coal will be providing the necessary funding for the project, it was essential that work could continue uninterrupted. NBC Bird & Pest Control were approached to provide a bird deterrent service to ensure that the birds would not be attracted to the site and that the area was free from ground nesting bird. 

NBC uses specially trained dogs as a visual form of predator and bird deterrent to establish the area as a hostile environment for ground nesting birds and discourage nesting from occurring.

By choosing NBC’s bird deterrent programme, Miller Argent have managed to prevent delays at the site, allowing work to continue uninterrupted and on schedule.

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