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Guano causes Health & Safety problems for manufacturers in Cannock

Guano causes Health & Safety problems for manufacturers in Cannock

With current legislation companies and organisations are required to take health & safety very seriously. Bird droppings are not only unsightly, but cause major hygiene and health & safety issues to staff, customers and the general public.

Pigeons were causing problems for a manufacturing company in Cannock. The pigeon droppings (or guano) were getting all over car parts being returned by customers for repair. Realising the potential health risks, the company’s Health & Safety Officer immediately contacted our Midlands area manager, Graham Rees, to perform a full site survey and provide a solution to the pigeon guano problem.

Graham flew his trusty Harris Hawk Ernie around the area to deter the pigeons. This natural and humane method of bird control is extremely effective as it uses the pigeons’ natural instincts to detect danger in the area and move on.

After the pigeons had been evicted from the area, Graham and his team completed a full guano clean to remove any health and hygiene risks to the company, staff and their customers.

We are committed to providing our customers with solutions to health & safety problems, and as part of this commitment we will be exhibiting at the Health & Safety North Exhibition at the Reebok stadium in Bolton on the 5th & 6th October 2011. Find us on stand 148.

If you have a bird or pest creating a health & safety problem – whether it is guano, aggressive bird behaviour or damage to property or goods - contact us. We provide a free site survey with recommendations and guarantee all of our work. Call the national helpline on or locate your local branch (click here) to speak to your local bird control technician.


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