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NBC Peregrine Falcon ‘Naph’ Killed

NBC Peregrine Falcon ‘Naph’ Killed

Peregrine Falcon, Naph - Bird Control Experts

Peregrine Falcon, Naph, was a regular sight at the Scottish Parliament building in Edinburgh where he worked with NBC manager for Scotland, Ian Cain as part of the falconry response team employed to deter pigeons away from the site.

In April of this year, Naph was being exercised in a local park when strong winds sent him into a tree and from there, he disappeared. When he didn’t return, his handler obviously became concerned and began an immediate search for the hawk.

The handler was astonished when speaking to a local resident, the man confessed to shooting Naph before driving off with what was believed to be Naph’s body in the boot of his car.

After following the radio signal, the handler found the bird’s transmitter 4 miles away but there was no sign of the falcon.

The local manager for Scotland, Ian Cain says ‘This was an extremely distressing incident, particularly for the handler who worked with the bird on a daily basis and had built up a considerable rapport with him. A huge amount of time, effort and money goes into training these birds to a level where they can effectively work in high profile locations. The Scottish Parliament building is an excellent example of the high level of skill needed by these falcons to fly in such an extreme setting. Naph was one of our star birds’

During a court appearance in early December, the man was found guilty of maliciously shooting and killing a working falcon, removing the bird from his garden and separating it from the transmitter in an attempt to avoid prosecution.

Falconry is an efficient, non-lethal means of bird control and is used with great effect to deter pigeons, seagulls and other bird species in both rural and urban area, promoting a more hygienic and safer working environment.

We work with many types of businesses and organisations throughout the UK using hawks and falcons as a means of bird control and are often requested to demonstrate these magnificent birds’ abilities in schools and community events, as well as in a working capacity. 

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