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Rain Sends the Rats Flooding In

Rain Sends the Rats Flooding In

Rat escaping the floods

As the heavy rainfall continues to fall the sewers are overflowing, washing out all of its inhabitants – inhabitants who are now on the lookout for a new home. Rats may seek refuge in sheds, garages and in roof spaces to escape from the flood water.

Sightings of rats have increased three-fold with the nocturnal rodents emerging in the daytime. Many flooded regions across theUKhave seen an increase in rat control call-outs by around 25%.

There are two species of rat - the common Brown Rat (Rattus norvegicus) and the rarer Black Rat (rattus rattus). They are both carriers of diseases such as Salmonella, E.Coli and Weil’s Disease. Not only are they a threat to your health and distressing to see running around, but can also do damage your home, which can be costly to repair.

If you find that rats, or any other pests, are invading your home or garden then call the experts on or find your local branch.


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